Solar Energy Services

Solar Energy Solutions

Turn your roof into a champion of clean and green planet with energy cost savings

Solar power Solution for Consumers & Business.

Solar Rooftop for Power cuts, Raising bills and in case no power at all.

Roof top system from 100w to 100 + Kw.

Retrofit Design with Plug and play operation.

Let the sun warm your life without leaving a dent in your monthly heating costs.

Hot water solutions from Basic domestic to industrial need.

Hot water system Ranging from 100 litter to 10,000 + litters Capacity.

Cost effective solution where the pay back wit in 2years.

Thermal projects for large scale requirement such as Apartment’s, resorts & process industries.

Our Energy specializing in different kinds of heat pumps. We has been focusing on heat pump system and heat pump projects covering heat pumps for household, villa, school, hotel, factory, swimming pool, and some special area.

Heat pump offers the most energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling in many applications, as it can use renewable heat source in our surroundings. It extracts heat from a source and concentrates it to obtain a higher temperature, usually then applies to water for domestic heating, sanitary hot water or swimming pool.

It can be thought of as a refrigerator operating in reverse. It is powered by electricity, but the amount of heat energy delivered is several times more than the electrical energy consumed. The ratio of the output to the input energy is called the Coefficient of Performance (COP).

Protect your valuable appliances with clean, stable and dependable power.

Infrastructure management for Business - critical Continuity.

Risk free, low-cost Operation with Better ROI.

Flexible capacity from 1Kva to100 + Kva.

Peace of mind provided by us with extended warranty service Package.

Analyse your energy consumption to optimize inputs and energy costs.

On site evaluation and analysis.

Precision finding ensure the correct data.

Equipped with best in class Analyser instruments used in survey.

Fast evaluation with our highly experienced expertise and complete solution and suggestion in power.