Transformer Energy

We design, manufacture and supply top quality transformers to varied segments across the Mechanical, Electronics, Automobile, Electrical, Telecommunications, and Automation industries.

Affordable, reliable, and efficient, our product range is distinguished for durability, effective insulation, lasting finish, and freedom from maintenance.

We use the latest technology, conduct regular inspections, and follow stringent quality parameters to ensure optimal effectiveness and caliber of our products.

Power Transformer

Distribution Transformer: Fluid filled (Oil ONAN or Ester KNAN)

Cast Resin Transformer

Special Range Transformers

A distribution transformer or service transformer is a transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines to the level used by the customer.

We design manufacture and supply complete range of distribution transformer ,both fluid (OIL ONAN or ESTER KNAN) filled and dry type AN.

We Distribution Transformer are designed based on customer specification.

Specification Standard

IS 1180 Energy Efficiency Level I , II and III

European Union Eco Design Directive 548/2018

ICE 60076 ANSI C57

IS 11171 – Cast Resin Transformer

Energy Conservation Building

Oil filled / Ester Fluid Filled Voltage Range From

3.3kv, 6.6Kv, 11Kv, 13.8Kv, 15Kv, 22Kv, 33kv up to rage of 2500 KVA rating

Our Fluid filled Distribution Transformer comes in Different Design to suit the customer

Free Breathings conservator

Free Breathing without conservator type

Hermetically sealed without conservator type(Air cushion tank for oil expansion)

Hermetic sealed ( conventional tank with bolted radiators

Off- circuit Tap Switch or On load Tap Charger

Standard fitting for Distribution Transformers

Filter value

Drain value

Plain oil level gauge

Silicagel Breather

Earth Terminal

Air Release Hole with Plug

Typical Accessories For Distribution Transformers

Bocholt Relay

Oil Temperature Indicator

Winding Temperature

Magnetic Oil Level Gauge

Pressure Relief Device with contacts

Marshalling Box


Transformer is an electrical equipment which works on the basis of Faraday’s electromagnetic induction principle. There are different kinds of transformer according to their functionality. The power transformer is one of those which is used in electrical substation to convert transmission line voltage (132 KV, 230KV, 400KV etc.) to distribution line voltage (say 33 KV) and vice versa. More over power transformers are used to convert one level of distribution voltage (i.e. 33 KV) to another level (i.e. 11KV, which is the usual value of voltage in the distribution feeders

We design manufacture and supply power transformers up to 33Kv, 16MVA. Our power transformers are designed in compliance with Indian and International standards such as IS, IES, BS, ANSI &European Union Design Directive 548/2018

Transformer We have

Robust Design with overloading capabilities as per standards

Generous area in tank and conservator for heat dissipation & oil expansion

Best quality insulation

Windings and insulation thoroughly dired to achieve maximum insulation resistance values

Off circuit tap charger or on load tap changer with remote tap charger control panel.

Low noise

High short circuit strength and impulse withstand capability


A transformer with coils solidly cast in epoxy resin under vacuum in a Mould. Also called cast resin or epoxy cast coil transformers.

Cast Resin Transformer is backed by the pioneers in cast resin technology both HV and LV coil is made from foil which gives specific advantage for cast resin transformer.

We manufacture cast resin Transformer Up to 36 KV, 5MVA in accordance with Indian standard IS 11171, IEC 60726 energy conservation building code and any international standard on specific request.

Cast Resin Transformer can be manufactured or following application.

Distribution (primary Voltage of 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22 & 33 Kv and LV 433V, 690V ect)

Other features

Laser cut core channel with world class metal treatment

Imported Spacers and insulation

RTD. Sensors on winding

Digital Temperature indicator cum controller with Alarm and Trip contacts

Off circuit Tap Links

We can recommended fit accessories like for better performance

On load Tap Charger

Fans to enhance the ventilation and output

Enclosure to IP21 or IP23


Earthing Transformer

Converting Duty (6 pulse / 12 pulse etc.)

Rectifier Duty

Furnace Duty

Wind mill and solar

Scott connected

Unitised design (primary and secondary Termination on the same side)

Multi Ratio for Hire


We manufactures bespoke compact package and mobile sub-station to suit the site specific condition compact sub – station comes with array of advantages .

Completely fitted and tested at factory

Small foot print and compact

Reduced civil engineering cost

Integrates with building colour

Saving on cabling cost

Easy access for Termination

Choice transformer Dry type or Liquid filled

Choice for insulating liquid (Mineral Oil or Ester Fluids)

Choice of LV switchgear (vertical fuse gear, ACB or MCCB)

Choice of installation (Indoor or Outdoor)

Complete Protection to operate at site